The blue room? Spring into blue!

One of the many projects for this house that I have been thinking about is my new living room.  In our last house we stumbled upon some awesome deals on Spode items at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. We ended up with two lamps and a bunch of plates.

spode blue room lamp

Last winter we decided to ditch the plates (we have less wall space in a more open floor plan) and sold them off.

spode italian lamp

We still have two blue and white Spode lamps and another blue and white china lamp hand-me-down (currently in the girl’s room, hence the pink backdrop on the photo).

blue white china lamp

Lately, I have felt constrained by these lamps.  There is no other room in the house to use them and I don’t want to recreate my last house at this house.  That just is not fair to do to a house.  I was inspired by the rooms on House of Turquoise hoping to keep an overall neutral feel with pops of vibrant teal or pale aqua or even both.  Bold prints and patterns that are trendy and less traditional (like my new house).  The idea of being able to swap out cushion covers and accessories on color and seasonal whims. I had quietly contemplated convincing Hubs to let me sell them.  I even broached the subject and was met with less resistance than anticipated.  My plans in my mind were coming together, only held up by the purchase of the loveseat and accent chairs.

Then the mail came.

Frontgate catalog 2015 spring

The Frontgate Spring 2015 catalog featuring outdoor furniture and replacement cushions.  Proclaiming “Spring into blue”.  The cover grabbed me.  Spring into blue?   Maybe I should.

Frontaget spring into blue

I was seeing bold colors, prints and patterns all coordinating perfectly with my lamps.

Frontgate living room interior

I had not even looked at this color scheme before when I was shopping for fabric.   I could not just use blue and white.  I needed another color to punch it up.  What mixes with that shade of blue?  Not red, too patriotic.  Yellow is too Country French – too classic – I want modern!  Orange? to funky and just not my thing.  Purple? Eh, not my thing either.  Green!  Kelly green. How great would royal blue and kelly green be right now, during spring?  It is fresh, preppy, modern – I. am. loving. it.  I could not stop thinking about what might be out there in the fabric world.  I was caught up in other things, then I had time and I logged onto  Clicked “Home decor fabrics” and this is what I saw… home decor blue decorator fabric

All of the sub categories featured bold royal blue prints and patterns.  Some were even prints that mixed blue white and lime.  I found a ton of great prints that will give me the fresh and modern change that I was looking for.  I can blend in some teal and aqua and Christmas and in winter. Come spring I will break out the bright green accents again.  I don’t know if this is the beginning of a new color trend or just the universe speaking to me, but I am listening.  Now I just have to convince the hubs to go furniture shopping…


Sights and sounds of spring

This morning I woke to the cooing sounds of the mourning doves that live in our conifer trees. It was a sound that I had to get used to when I first started noticing it last spring.  Today, when I heard them, it was glorious.  I was eager to get out of bed and in a great mood.


Just the other day I realized aloud at dinner that they must migrate and maybe they would be back soon. They are back now.  I looked into the subject and I found out that they do migrate.

sights-and-sounds-of-spring-bunny-figureThe sights and sounds of spring are a hopeful sign for me at this time of year.  We have had a few “warmer” days (like 40 & 50 degrees), but then the wintry cold creeps back.  Hopefully soon to follow the doves is warm weather and brighter days.

spring-lilliesIn the meantime I have been playing with some spring vignettes and fresh flowers to pull me through this final stretch of winter while I wait for more sights and sounds of spring.