Black and white seersucker fabric coasters

I just made a ton of these black and white seersucker fabric coasters by custom request.


I really like the way that they came out.  The customer that requested them asked for the same print on both sides.  These black and white seersucker fabric coasters are made from 100% cotton so that they are machine washable.


Initially, I thought that they needed a bolder graphic black and white print on the reverse side. Now I am toying with the idea of a bright solid color on one side so that the fabric coasters are reversible.  I think hot pink or cobalt blue would be lively and great for this time of year.  That would make them a bit more fun for summer drinks on the patio.  I think I will try some out – stay tuned for them to show up in the could say that they are a bit “buttoned up” or is it down? No that would just be a bad, bad pun.  Check them out here on the website or in my Etsy shop for a set of six.

Starting seeds

I already posted about our garden prep.  Starting seeds for the new garden.


We have been using these mini greenhouse seed starters from Ferry Morse for about seven years.  It is a real improvement from not having the green house cover.  They are reusable and effective.  We really need to use grow lights too and we are planning on that for next year and beyond. Three trays of seedlings should fill our giant garden nicely.  We will still buy some seedlings also.  We also have tons of seeds to sow direct for beans, peas and carrots.


The garden is going to be quite a distance from the house.  I don’t want to run all the way out there every time I want a sprig of herb, a green onion or some lettuce.  I bought these deck rail planters to have a mini herb garden and some greens close by.  I also think that edibles can be attractive and I mixed them with some edible flowers like nasturtium, marigolds and violas.

deck-planterI am hoping they work out well.  They will also provide a bit of a screen on the side of our deck.


I will post progress as they start to sprout and hopefully flourish.


Prepping our new veggie garden

I am so excited to be prepping our new veggie garden.  We didn’t have time to start a vegetable garden last year because we had so much yard clean up (more on that in another post).

The extent of my veggie growing was in a small garden at the corner of our house and garage and a some pots on the deck.

herb-garden-kale-swiss-chard container-garden-greens

I was able to grow a good election of herbs, lettuce, kale Swiss chard and 2 tomato plants.

container-garden-tomatoes-lettuceThey did okay, but we had to rely on our remote garden for most of our production.  We were so busy working on our new property it was hard to get to the remote garden enough.  Between the weeds and the critters, it was a tough year.  Here is a picture of one of the better garden hauls which is pretty lame compared with other years.



We spread a whole lot of lime to sweeten the soil and the ashes from our fire pit to give a little potassium and nutrient boost.


Later that night we had a nice light rain that washed it all in.  As soon as it dries up, we will begin tilling.  Today I will be starting the seeds that will be transplanted to the garden.


Our soil is pretty awesome to begin with. The Swiss chard and kale in the little garden above got to be about 2 feet tall by October.  I never took a picture of it, but all who saw it were amazed by the soaring size of it.  If our veggie garden has half as good of soil, I will be thrilled with our yields.  I am looking forward to a bountiful harvest.  Like, getting tired of canning and freezing all of the harvest, bountiful.