Fall garden pictures and a garden update

We had a couple rainy days, but that is not going to stop this garden update.  A constant, droning drizzle that is excellent for gardens, but that keeps people in the house.  Most people, don’t garden in the rain, that is.  Crazy people like me that get free perennials, get bundled up and go out and plant stuff.


This “Sum and Substance” hosta was orphaned by my mother in law.  She lost a tree that gave it the perfect shade and did not have a spot to transplant such a large variety.  I was happy to fill in some space one on each end of a long yew shrub.  You can see that this hosta is a bit yellowed from excessive sun exposure, but this shady spot should turn it a deep healthy green.


While I was out there, I checked the fall garden and grabbed a couple of peppers for dinner.  The pea plants are thick and beautiful.  The beans look great too.


The hoop house is full of sturdy seedlings.  After the rain we are supposed to have a good stretch of sun and nice weather.  That will get these crops growing well.  Radishes, turnips, rutabagas, kale, Swiss chard, carrots and bunching onions.  This is our first time using a hoop house and I am excited to extend our season.


The okra, eggplant and tomatillos still look great and are loaded with fruit.

okra_eggplant_tomatillosThe pepper plants are loaded with fruits and many are turning such pretty sunset colors.


I was able to roast a couple of pecks and freeze them up for winter use.

roasted red peppers

Sadly tomatoes are coming to their end…so sad.

decorating with trays challenge

Decorating with Trays Design Challenge

Last month I joined a new Facebook group.   I wanted to participate in the monthly challenges and this is my first one.

I have been trying to finish start decorating my living room.  I have been debating about a color scheme, but I have been leaning toward a delft/ royal/ china blue and white pop of color.  About a month ago I pulled out some of my many blue decor pieces and put together this sad display.  The pedestal gave it height, but it just wasn’t quite dynamic enough.  I wasn’t happy with it, but didn’t have time to tweak it and I was lacking inspiration.  Enter the June Decorating Enthusiasts Decorating Challenge, decorating with trays.

decorating with rays before

At first I was going to do something on my dressing table with a tray, but that seemed a bit to expected.  I only have a few trays, so I started brain storming.  I dug out this frame turned tray that was a hand me down from the Hub’s Grandparents.  I believe his Grandmother used it on her dresser and it has the wear and charm on the mirror to prove it.  Grandpa added rubber feet to the bottom of it to protect the furniture.

frame turned mirror

Anyway I kept the same basic configuration, but place the whole thing on the tray.  Then added a bit of greenery with a cluster of green and white hosta leaves,  and a bunny figurine.

hosta leaves greenerya candle

candle clusterand a bunny figurine.

bunny figurine decorating with traysThe mirrored surface really adds depth to the whole vignette.

mirrored tray vingette

The lacy edge of the tray adds texture.

decorating with trays challengeSo now we have a family heirloom out of storage and on display and some interest that will give a bit of life to the corner of the living room.

What a difference a tray makes!  I am so glad that I did this challenge.

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