The blue room? Spring into blue!

One of the many projects for this house that I have been thinking about is my new living room.  In our last house we stumbled upon some awesome deals on Spode items at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. We ended up with two lamps and a bunch of plates.

spode blue room lamp

Last winter we decided to ditch the plates (we have less wall space in a more open floor plan) and sold them off.

spode italian lamp

We still have two blue and white Spode lamps and another blue and white china lamp hand-me-down (currently in the girl’s room, hence the pink backdrop on the photo).

blue white china lamp

Lately, I have felt constrained by these lamps.  There is no other room in the house to use them and I don’t want to recreate my last house at this house.  That just is not fair to do to a house.  I was inspired by the rooms on House of Turquoise hoping to keep an overall neutral feel with pops of vibrant teal or pale aqua or even both.  Bold prints and patterns that are trendy and less traditional (like my new house).  The idea of being able to swap out cushion covers and accessories on color and seasonal whims. I had quietly contemplated convincing Hubs to let me sell them.  I even broached the subject and was met with less resistance than anticipated.  My plans in my mind were coming together, only held up by the purchase of the loveseat and accent chairs.

Then the mail came.

Frontgate catalog 2015 spring

The Frontgate Spring 2015 catalog featuring outdoor furniture and replacement cushions.  Proclaiming “Spring into blue”.  The cover grabbed me.  Spring into blue?   Maybe I should.

Frontaget spring into blue

I was seeing bold colors, prints and patterns all coordinating perfectly with my lamps.

Frontgate living room interior

I had not even looked at this color scheme before when I was shopping for fabric.   I could not just use blue and white.  I needed another color to punch it up.  What mixes with that shade of blue?  Not red, too patriotic.  Yellow is too Country French – too classic – I want modern!  Orange? to funky and just not my thing.  Purple? Eh, not my thing either.  Green!  Kelly green. How great would royal blue and kelly green be right now, during spring?  It is fresh, preppy, modern – I. am. loving. it.  I could not stop thinking about what might be out there in the fabric world.  I was caught up in other things, then I had time and I logged onto  Clicked “Home decor fabrics” and this is what I saw… home decor blue decorator fabric

All of the sub categories featured bold royal blue prints and patterns.  Some were even prints that mixed blue white and lime.  I found a ton of great prints that will give me the fresh and modern change that I was looking for.  I can blend in some teal and aqua and Christmas and in winter. Come spring I will break out the bright green accents again.  I don’t know if this is the beginning of a new color trend or just the universe speaking to me, but I am listening.  Now I just have to convince the hubs to go furniture shopping…


Thinking spring? New hair tie sets might brighten your winter days…

I know that more of the country than not is seeing record low temps and some major snow fall.  The cabin fever levels are epic.  We have record snowfall and record low temps.  Here is a fun fact – we have not seen a temperature at or above freezing once, not once in February!  So let us, at least, start thinking spring.

I just posted some new hair ties set – all with cheery spring color schemes.

I put together this group for the coming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  Show your Irish spirit with fresh designs like dots and quatrefoils.

St Patrick's Day FOE Hair Tie Set

This fold over elastic hair tie set reminds me of the colors swirls in the rainbow sherbet that we all enjoyed as kids.  Orange, lime and raspberry swirled into one giant fruity concoction.  I sure can’t wait for those days when cooling of is at the top of my “To do” list.

Rainbow Sherbet Hair Tie assortment

Then there are these bright rainbow chevron stripes blended with solids that are perfect for brightening up and bringing you out of the winter blahs…

Rainbow Chevron Hair Ties set

I will take whatever bits of brightness I can get these days as I look toward spring and the promise of more sunshine and higher temperatures.


Carter's Zoo Animal inspired yellow and gray nursery art

Yellow and gray nursery art

I had this awesome custom order for yellow and gray nursery art.  The inspiration was a Carter’s (love them!) bedding set.  Gray and yellow animal silhouettes with pops of lime green.  Very cute and gender neutral.

Carter's Zoo Animal Crib Bedding set

The customer wanted the art in only the gray and yellow with the silhouette in the negative space.  She chose which animal would be which color too.  The elephant and hippo are both a storm gray. The turtle and the giraffes are bright yellow.  This is how it turned out.

Carter's Zoo Animal inspired yellow and gray nursery art

I took some pictures of them mixed with my other Midwood Design Studio Alexander Henry inspired animal silhouettes too.  I love how the yellow almost gives it a rainbow feeling.  the tortoise is in lime green, rhino in royal blue, giraffe in kelly green all in negative silhouette. The elephant is in navy blue against a white background.

Carter's and Alexander Henry Zoo Animal inspired nursery art

Carter's and Alexander Henry Zoo Animal inspired nursery art

 Carter's and Alexander Henry Zoo Animal inspired nursery art

This is to show that I can do these in any color way even girly colors like pink and gray.  I think they would be awesome in rainbow or primary color scheme, so I think I might do some samples of those soon too.  I am also working on some completely new themes for nursery art as well.  Stay tuned…