Garden center mark downs and a May day cold

We spent all day Saturday in the yard.  It was a beautiful day and we got a lot of work done.  I ran out of mulch and needed a few more bags.  Sunday was rainy and dreary, why not go buy mulch?  As soon as we got in the car I could feel something happening, at first I thought it was allergies.  On to the garden center.  I always check out the garden center mark down area at Lowes, because I have found some good things in the past.

perennial_bargain_haulThey had a ton of spring perennials marked down, largely because the blooms were spent.  I got two ruby red wigelias, two erysiums and two pink creeping phlox, a quarter flat of violas and a boxwood for half price.  Yay!  I have a lot of spaces to fill in the garden so I can use all the bargain that I can find.  The foliage on them is pretty good.  I will get them into the ground today and give them a chance to spread their roots.  I am especially happy about the boxwood, more on that later.

By the time we got back from running our errands, I had realized what that funny feeling I had mention earlier was, a head cold.  A May day cold, the humanity.  I took it easy the rest of the day, but it really hit Monday on the way home from work.  All I could think about was crawling into my warm bed after a nice, hot shower.


I am sharing this cold treatment today.  It is certainly not a cure, but offers a nice comfort.  I have always drank hot honey and lemon for a cold.  I recently came up with an addition that makes it even better.  No, it is not whiskey, but that is good just before bed. Wink.  I couple of moths ago tried adding coconut oil to the concoction.  Now it is my go to.  Just a bit will do, a quarter to half a teaspoon is all you need.  It floats on top, which is fine.  As you drink the soothing honey and lemon concoction, the coconut oil lightly coats your lips, mouth and throat.  This is especially soothing if you have a sore throat or a heavy cough. I find that the coconut oil softens the delivery of the sometimes harsh lemon.  Since coconut oil also is said to help with immunity, digestion, healing and infections it has additional benefits.

Stay healthy

Crazy Western New York weather – garden update

Since the last time that I posted, which was Easter Sunday, the weather here has been all over the place.


The day before Easter gave us some lovely spring weather.  I cleaned up some leaves from in and around the iris sprouts.  Years ago, I had a borer problem that cost me a year without blooms, some sad looking plants and a whole lot of work.  Ever since then I am vigilant about allowing leaf “nests” for the pesky moths to lay their eggs in.  I clean around them well in the fall, but leaves always seem to blow in when I am not looking.


I also checked on some columbine seeds that I had started last summer.  When they didn’t bloom, it occurred to me that maybe they needed to go through the winter freeze thaw cycle.  I didn’t bother googling it or anything because I also saved a ton of seeds and knew I could replant them.  See the little guy underneath the popsicle stick.


I compared them to their parents for plant identification and to verify it was not too early for them to be coming up.  Success!  By the way, I found out these are also called Granny’s Bonnet.


Easter day was gorgeous!  It was a high of 70 degrees and felt more like summer.  I got some more yard work done, brought out my patio chair and one of my deck rail planting boxes.  I almost planted lettuce.  Mr. Midwood talked me down from that ledge.


It cool off a bit more, as expected.  Mr. Midwood bought a ton of mulch and potting soil (so I could plant that lettuce sooner than later).  That was April Fool’s Day.


Then this happened. Snow.  In April.


Thankfully, snow does not stick around in April.  One morning I woke up to this.


The sun came out. and by afternoon, we had this.


It has been a bit unseasonably chilly with a sprinkle of more fast melting snow since then.  this weekend is looking good though.  Fingers crossed.







Spring can’t get here fast enough

Spring can’t get here fast enough.  Well, the warmth of spring can’t get here fast enough for me.  I am really over the cold.  I am so ready for warmer days and greener views!

The other day we popped in to our local produce market to pick up our staples and we got a couple of treats too.


I picked out the cheery primrose to brighten up the dining room, then the garden once it is warm enough to plant it outside.  I completely spaced on my new blue and white pots, so I should have bought two of them.  Face palm.  Maybe if we get back that way, I will grab another.  I would like to make those blue and white pots a permanent installation with a rotating display of plants or flowers.


I also picked up some tulips.   My mother-in-law is hosting Easter dinner, so we wanted to take her something.  There were so many pretty colors, but she likes white.  She also doesn’t care for anything strongly scented, so the tulips were perfect.  She never plants bulbs in her garden, so I will get them back.


Mr. Midwood was at the home center the other day buying some seed starting mix and the clerk alerted him to a fabulous deal on Easter lilies.


They are marked $7.98, but are programmed for the deep discount of .50.  He snatched up 3 of them for me.  It is so nice to have bits of spring all around the house!


Our broccoli seedlings are growing well.  We are placing them outside on warmer days so that they can begin to harden off.  Soon we will be able to plant them along with peas in the garden.


Today I am off to start some more seeds and take in some sunshine in the yard.  It is a nice warm day, then back to cooler temperatures says the forecast.  Happy Easter!