typical dinner harvest

Garden update – Canning and preserving has begun!


Wow, once again this week got away from me!  I have been so busy canning and preserving the garden bounty that I have been neglectful in posting.  Today’s garden update includes a lot of canning and food preservation.

On my way out to the garden I saw this Rose of Sharon in full bloom and swarmed with bees.

hibiscus blooming and buzzing with bees

Cherry tomatoes are slowly ripening daily…cherry tomatoes are ripening daily

and the peppers

cherry hot peppers turning red

are going crazy.

banana peppers are growing like crazy

Here is what I picked one day to make cucumber pickles and pickled hot peppers.

first canning harvestHubs was in charge of most of the harvest through the week and though he better not pick too much.  That is how a zucchini will get away from you fast.  This is possibly the world’s largest zucchini.  For scale, those are 4″ wide deck boards, so she’s about 20″ long.  This got shredded in the food processor and jarred up for the freezer.

worlds largest zucchiniWe are typically picking something like this each day for dinner.  Stuffed banana peppers and a cucumber, pepper salad sprinkled with cherry tomatoes as our side dishes and maybe some grilled zucchini too.

typical dinner harvest

The little tomatoes are just starting to come in and we are waiting patiently for this guy to turn red.

waiting for red on this tomato

Then there is the remote garden.  More zucchini, tons more cukes, peppers and almost a half bushel of green beans.

remote garden harvest

Also some exciting things are happening at the remote garden.

yellow transparent apple

The Yellow Transparent early apples are ready.  We had major fruit drop on this tree, so there are only a few.  The deer and rabbit ate well though.  Baby pumpkins are developing nicely.

Baby pumpkin...awww

I froze 18 pints of green beans so far.  I’m just starting to freeze some peppers for winter use.  Pickled 8 pints of cucumbers and 6 pints of hot peppers.  I have also made dandelion jelly, strawberry, gooseberry and raspberry jam 3 or 4 pints of each, depending on the recipe.  Here is a grouping of some of these items here.

first canning batch 2015

A great farm kid August lunch.

farm kid august lunch

Peanut butter and gooseberry jam sandwich, cherry tomatoes and the first handful of husk cherries.  Yummy.


Double double garden update

Yikes! Time flies when you are not blogging.  There has been a lot of activity and unusual schedules around the homestead this past week.  I am glad to get back to normal with a double double garden update.  Double because it will cover both of my gardens and double double because I am going to cover 2 weeks for each.

Let’s start with the remote garden.  Once again Hubs tilled up the beans and between the squash plants.

squash plants

They are all looking neat and tidy, not to mention healthy.

bean bloom rows

In fact, here is a closeup of future beans.  Lots of blossoms –  yay!

Bean blossoms

The cucumbers are sprawling around like mad.

Cucumbers sprawling

Looky here, a baby cucumber and tons of blossoms.

tiny cucumber

Last, but not least.  The bounty of black and red raspberries chillin’ in the fridge.  The final tally was about 10 quarts plus what we ate as we picked (at least another two quarts).

berries chillin

Check out how huge this Jewel black raspberry is.  Wow.  It was the size of a quarter and as tasty as it looks.

huge berry

2 weeks later…

Bountiful produce haul

Almost a peck of green beans, half a peck of peppers and three ginormous zucchini.  A nice harvest.  Believe it or not, we could not find a large enough cucumber to pick.  They may just be hiding and we will be in for a big surprise when we find them.

Back at home a sea of tomato blossoms and lots of tomatoes ready to turn red.


A jalapeno plant falling over loaded with peppers.

jalapenos in black plastic

And bell peppers galore.

loaded bell pepper plant

The zucchinis are almost ready to eat.

zucchini baby

And more blooms harken many more to come, but we have some visitors.  I am happy to see all the bees, but those troublesome little cucumber beetles.  Something may have to be done about them so they don’t get out of hand.


I don’t have a harvest pictures, because I have been a bit hands off this week, we kind of pick by the meal and mostly because Hub just does not document as he goes.  In a couple days I will post another garden update.  I would like to address some decorating projects that I have been making slow progress on in between.

Developing fruits garden update

We have had lots of rain and lots of sunshine and the garden is growing by leaps and bounds.  All the plants are getting big, big big.  Everything is loaded with blossoms.  Like the tomatoes.

tomato blossomsI even found some developing fruits on the tomatoes that were trying to hide.

baby tomato fruitsSquash blossom buds.

Tiny zuchini blossomsTomatillo blossoms.

groundcherry flowersTiny ground cherries.

developing ground cherryIn the orchard things are looking good too.  This first year pear has developing pear fruits.  I would have been happy for this tree to pollinate the existing pear tree.

Crab apple babies.

baby crab applesAnd tint apples developing.

developing applesOn the flower front, these marigolds are just vibrant.

bright orange marigoldBright yellow pansies.

yellow pansies in potThe Shasta daisies that we planted at Daisies are starting to get bigger.

shasta daisy sproutsI started some lettuce seedlings to fill out the deck planters.  The deck rail planters are getting pretty decimated by the amount of salad that we have been eating.

lettuce seedlingsRemember the gooseberry bushes that our neighbors gave us about a month ago?  Me thinks they might actually be currants.  they are bright red and too small to be Gooseberries.

gooseberry or currant bushI can’t wait to start harvesting some of this tasty stuff.  I know that we are going to be lousy with produce around here real soon.